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Rongmao Chen (陈荣茂)

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

College of Computer (计算机学院)
National University of Defense Technology (国防科技大学)
Changsha, Hunan, China (湖南长沙)

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About Me

I got the Ph.D. in computer science under the supervision of Prof. Yi Mu and Dr. Guomin Yang from University of Wollongong, Australia (澳大利亚伍伦贡大学) in 2016. Before that, I received the B.Eng (2011) and M.Eng (2013) in computer science from National University of Defense Technology, China (国防科技大学). My major research interests include applied cryptography and cyber security. Currently, I mainly focus on the area of post-Snowden cryptography (后斯诺登密码学), particularly on how to achieve meaningful security against subversion attacks on cryptographic protocols.

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